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Zynga games utilize Javascript which is a client side technology. This means that the actual processing of some things within the game happens on your computer and not on our servers. If you notice that your game is experiencingdifficulties loading or responding slowly to your actions, it may be because your systems cache is full (the cache is where your computer stores information needed to display websites.)


You can clear your cache by following the instructions below.


For Internet Explorer 7 and 8:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools at the top.

3. Scroll down and select Internet Options.

4. Click Delete under Browsing History.

5. At the bottom, click Delete All. Then click Yes.


Close Internet Explorer entirely and re-launch.


For Fire Fox 3:

1. Open Firefox.

2. Click Tools at the top of the page.

3. Select Clear Private Data.

4. Click the Clear Private Data Now button.

5. Then, close Fire Fox 3 and re-launch.



For Safari:

1. From the Safari menu, click Empty Cache.

2. When asked: “Are you sure you want to empty the cache?” click Empty.

3. From the Safari menu, click Preferences.

4. From the Security dialog box, click Bookmarks.

5. Click Show Cookies.

6. From the Cookie dialog box, click Remove All.

7. Click Done.



For Opera 9.x:

1. In Opera, click the Tools menu.

2. Click Preferences.

3. Select the Advanced tab.

4. In the left-hand column, click History.

5. In the Disk cache section, click Empty Now.

6. Click OK to close Preferences.




The following instructions have proved to solve the majority of our users loading and connection issues.


Steps 3-7 are also known to resolve the "Flash10c.ocx Error:"


Update your browser.

There are several documented issues surrounding Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and Flash Content. If you are using IE8 we suggest that you try a new browser such as Safari 4, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.



Clear your browsers cache.

If you do not know how to do this, instructions can be found here.



Uninstall All Flash Components.

You can download and use the Flash Uninstaller here.



Reboot your System.

This will clear out any left over .ocx files.



Scan using Secunia PSI.

If there are any insecure Flash elements left over be sure to clear them out using the commands present in the Secunia PSI tool which is available for download here.



Remove the Adobe Download Manager.

From your control panel select "Add/Remove Programs" and check for Adobe Download Manager. If it is present click it once to select it and then click "remove."



Download the latest flash player if you are not already currently using it.




Adjust your Flash Settings to give Flash permission to store information on your computer. Instructions on how to accomplish this can be found here.



Verify that Javascript is enabled

If you do not know how to do this, instructions can be found here.



Uninstall and re-install Java.If you do not know how to do this, instructions can be found here.



Disable Popup or Ad-blocking software such as Kapersky Internet Security or Ad-Block for Firefox. Software of this nature actively monitors javascript and has been found to have a negative performance impact on our games which rely heavily upon javascript.


TIP: Rather than fully disabling the software you may also make an exception for the social networking platform on which you play our games. Please refer to your software's documentation or 'help' file for instructions.



Download the latest version of Direct X

Windows XP users can find this here.

Windows Vista Users will need to install the latest Microsoft updates here.



Plug In.

Even the best of wireless connections will be slightly more susceptible to mis-communicating with our servers. If you are playing wirelessly please plug in if possible and see if you see a performance increase.



Reduce the number of open internet applications.

If you are running several programs that are competing for your internet bandwidth this can cause a lag in response that could also be contributing to this issue. Especially guilty are file sharing applications and concurrent streaming video.



Remove/Re-install the application.

If you do not know how to do this, instructions can be found here.



Restart your computer.

Log back in to your social network and re-add the application.

If you are still experiencing issues, please include in your support ticket the following information:


Which Operating System are you using (XP, Vista, etc)

Which Browser/Version are you using.

Are you using Firewall/Pop-up Blocking/Anti-Virus Software. If so who manufactures it.

How do you connect to the internet? (Cable, DSL, etc)

Is your connection wired or wireless?

Can you load other Facebook Games?

Also please describe in detail what you saw on your screen as you attempted to load our game.



There are a few things you can do if your buzz is not rising or your waiters are not serving.

Make sure there is a full Pathway from the door(s) to *each* chair.
Nothing should be blocking the doorway or be too close to the first step of the doorway.
Tables must have an empty side or corner to be served.
Serving counters have an empty spot (facing it) from one of the 4 sides to serve with enough food.
Enough tables and chairs to serve all of your customers, 1 chair to each table.
Try to avoid creating small places between your counters where your waiters can be stuck.
Make sure the counters are accessible to all waiters.
If you are low on food, some people choose to drag their door into their inventory to “close” your Café until you have more food.
Keep in mind, as your Cafe grow, your food will be served faster.
As you gain more servers, they will need more room to move in.

After you do this please clear your cache:

Then it may take an hour for the buzz to go up again. Please let us know if this does not work. Also, if this is not successful, please let us know if you have recently expanded your Café. If you have expanded, let us know which expansion you purchased.




We all know that the best characters will show up in your diner around 2am, but we also realize that some of you may not want to run a 24 hour Café.


If you would like to pack it in for the night, you can close up shop by removing your café’s door and placing it into your inventory.


With no door there will be no way for customers to enter your café, freeing you from the burden of keeping fresh food on the table all night and keeping your hard earned café rating high!


In case you weren't aware, not having food available and ready to serve your customers will lower your café’s rating, so shutting it down here and there could prove to be a useful tactic.


When you are ready to re-open, simply go into your inventory and re-place your door on your café wall! You’ll have hungry patrons in no time.


To Close your Cafe:


1) Click on the "Chair" Icon as if you were going to redecorate your Cafe This doubles as both the store where you can purchase new items, and your inventory where you can store items you have already purchased.


2) Drag your door from the wall, and drop it into your Inventory


3) Click the green check mark to close your inventory and save your changes.


Your Cafe is now closed for the night!


To reopen your Cafe:


1) Click on the "Chair" icon to access your inventory


2) Click the "Door" icon to switch to the door inventory/store


3) You should see a (x2) for example, next to any door you already own, and will not be charged coins for using it. Drag your door back out into your Cafe, and place it in the desired location


4) Click the green check mark to close your inventory and save your changes.


Your Cafe is now open and ready for business!


Your Café is up and running. Now it’s time to add some neighbors!


Café issues a bonus for having more neighbors according to the following scale:

Neighbors Daily Bonus

0 - 100

1 - 300

3 - 500

7 - 1000

15 - 2000

30+ - 5000


In addition, you can perform jobs for your neighbors and earn XP and coins in the process!


You will receive 5 XP and 20 Coins for your first 20 friend visits a day, after 20 visits you will receive 1 XP and 5 Coins.


You may visit your friends every 24 hours. And your friends receive a tip! So get visiting!


Do you find that you are wandering away from your stoves too much? Taking too many breaks?


Here's a suggestion that will keep you cooking:


- Line up your stoves, and then click a stove to go to that area.


- Then choose the "Chair" icon to edit your Cafe.


- Then use a table, stove or counter to keep your cook in one area.


(Just make sure there's no food on your table or stove surfaces before you move them!)






The Tipping feature recently fell out of Facebook compliance due to some recent changes they made to their application so we have temporarily removed the Tipping feature and the notifications associated with it. We are currently working on changes to this feature to bring it back into compliance with Facebook. We know this is a fun part of the game and we are working on reintroducing the feature shortly.




Connection Errors


With the increase in the popularity of Café World, we have attracted some people who have been trying to use cheat programs, which are affecting the performance of the game for everyone.


In an effort to clean up some issues affecting the performance of our game servers we detected several programs or sources trying to access the application to change the normal game play experience. These programs, modifiers, bots, cheats, hacks, etc. are a violation to Zynga's Terms of Service, and have been affecting all users ability to connect to our servers.


Our intention is to keep our game fair as well as optimize the performance for all of our café owners.


When you receive the Connection Error message, please reload the game immediately by clicking the green check mark. If you are missing items, please check your "Chair" icon to see if your items have returned to your inventory.


If you are having trouble loading or are experiencing excessive Connection Errors, please clear your cache and try to perform your actions at a slightly slower rate.


Please let us know if you have a "Connection Error" message which prevents you from loading the game at all. This may be a different issue.


Cafe World Medals


There have been a few issues with the Continuous Cooker and Comfortable Cooker Medals, these issues have been address and the game should be counting your progress correctly now. The good news is: you will reap the rewards for that medal twice if you have had issues previously!


Thank you for your patience!


Why is my Cafe having problems?

The first days of any new business can be rough and there may be a few bumps left in the road while Cafe remains in Beta.


Beta is an incomplete yet still playable version of the game, so there will be some bugs and issues that occur along the way. Such things are expected as the purpose of a Beta is to allow users to find as many issues as possible to ensure the game is ready for its official release.


Once Cafe World is out of beta we will be more than happy to assist you with any missing or broken items that you encounter. You will know when the game has left beta status when the word “Beta” is removed from the Cafe World loading screen.